Fiercely Real

So for those of you who don’t know me I love Tyra Banks. Not just because she is a gorgeous model, or for creating the wonderful America’s Next Top Model,  but for what she does for young girls. She is always trying to boost their self esteem and show the beauty within. Whenever I get a chance I watch her talk show I do, because I find her really motivating. I was watching the Tyra Show a few weeks ago and she was discussing about how she doesn’t like the term “plus size” model. She thinks the title is dated and wants to use the term “Fiercely Real” model instead.  I thought it was interesting and a really awesome play on words to take the place of “plus size” model. I always felt the term was very old fashion myself, because “plus size” girls and women, in my opinion, are how the average size girl is built. Most the women we see in the media give off this false image of what everyone should look like causing this standard for society’s body image, that many people can’t possibly have or maintain. This brings down self esteem and causes so many problems.

The reason why I brought up the topic of plus size is I’d really like to applauded those who are proud of their bodies and stand strong. So to express my love for those fiercely real girls out there, here are some photos I took of fiercely beautiful Mandy 🙂


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