The bitter sweet moments of being in the creative field

So I’m trying to make sure I put up a post once a month, and so far so good. I’m just hoping that for those of you who are following I can keep you interested. I always end up typing these blogs late at night. I could do it earlier in the day but I never can think of what I want to say until I’m tired and want to go to sleep. This is the same thing that happens to me with my creative ideas. I spend so much time looking at magazines, ads and other photographer’s websites but it never fails, all my good ideas come to me early in the morning when I’m trying my darn-est to sleep. Sometimes I’ll even wake up from a dream and have to scurry around in the dark for a pen and paper, and hope I can decipher the ridiculous sketches, scribbles, and writing the next day. After I realized that this is something that happens often, I started keeping a notebook and pen right beside my bed.

I talked with several other photographers and artists and it seems to be a common thing to have happen. I think having a notebook and pen/pencil next to your bed is definitely something everyone should do. There is so much inspiration that comes during that time. You’re finally able to relax, clear the mind, then it just hits ya, BAM, ha. You need to write or sketch it out while the idea is fresh in your mind, regardless of how silly it sounds. Otherwise, the thought might be lost forever. I find this whole process amazing and inconvenient at the same time.

And of course no blog would be complete without photos. (partly inspired by one of my late night doodles) Here are some images I did with Caitlin before she heads off to the big apple. Watch out NYC 😉 !

Make-up done by the talented: Shana Lohr ❤


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