Ahh so it’s the end of the month and I haven’t posted anything yet. Looks like a better get on that tonight.

I’ve been on Stumble Upon all night looking at other artists, fashion, and …puppies. I’m a sucker for puppy videos. They make my heart melt because they are just so darn cute. I could do this for hours, and looking at the time looks like I have. Yeah, aside from being a great time waster, stumble sometimes gives me a little artistic inspiration: creative truth . If you haven’t used stumble you should, it’s fun and is how I’ve come across interesting artists and ideas, but the critter videos and silly nonsense is tempting don’t let it eat up all your time.

I was in NYC this past weekend and came across a gallery with work of Ron English. It was his own personal gallery called Status Factory, located in Soho. I had never heard of him before, but he is definitely memorable. There was humor to his work but in a creepy way, and I couldn’t stop starring at some of the pieces. He had used several different medias; paintings and distorted figures of known characters such as Charlie Brown or Micky Mouse and put them into scenes. He seems to get a lot of inspiration directly from Andy Warhol, which I found interesting being from Pittsburgh myself. I figured I would share some information about him since I found him interesting. So if you haven’t heard of him or seen his work I think you should check him out, it is definitely unusual. Here are just a few of his creations:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Couldn’t help myself here are some cute puppies:


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