The winter standstill

So, as far as my blog is concerned it’s a bad start for the new year. It’s February and this is my first blog post of 2011. I need to make sure I don’t leave such a large gap between postings.I try not to but the time slipped away from me. I feel a little lazy recently and I blame winter. Ohhh winter how I hate you in more ways than one. You’re cold, people become fat and lazy (like hibernating bears), you’re cold, I hate shoveling snow, you’re sooo cold, I constantly have a chill and did I mention that you’re bitterly cold?! I LOATHE you winter! With all seriousness winter does put me in a depressed state, which I know I’m not alone in. I have always been less productive in the winter, it seems to suck my creativity out of me, and leaves me less hopeful.  And unfortunately my photography  seem to suffer during these very depressing cold winter months. I have to admit it wasn’t as bad when I was in school. Between the work load and the fast pace of an 11 week period I didn’t have as much time to dwell on winter like I am now. I teacher of mine had show us a video by Zack Arias, conveniently right in the middle of winter, that hits all the main points I making now.

This video sums up my mood:

“Winter always comes…” Gosh, I wish it didn’t. If you are in the creative field and Haven’t seen this video please watch it. I need to watch it time after time to know I’m not alone with this hatred of winter. Hopefully it helps lift your spirits a little. However, I can’t wait until Spring.

With lighter notes news I have done two shoots this year. One with Lucy and Caitlin (which I realized has been on my blog 3 times now 🙂 ). Here are some of images I did with these two talented young ladies.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.





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