Farewell to an old friend..

Ahh, yes it’s 1 am and I’m starting a blog post, very typical of me. I’m in the process of moving again, dealing with the packing, unpacking, heavy lifting, cleaning out, and having to go through piles of things you move from place to place and never use. As well as, having my belongings split between 2 places for a few weeks. The process is annoying and I’ve moved every year since I started school in 2005. So, places I’ve stayed I never had to much of an attachment too. However, this place 1927 Woodward Ave, is pulling on my heart strings. It might be because I’ve been here for 3 years, or the quaint homie atmosphere that has been created by how my landlord had fixed up and painted the rooms. But, I don’t think all though things even come close to how this place has made me grow as an artist. Believe it or not about a third or more of my portfolio have been shot in this very location.

When I was first looking at the place I did like the welcoming interior, the neighborhood, and easy access to downtown, but what really sold me was the attic. To my landlord it was just a crummy weathered attic with the ceiling falling in on one side and ugly flower wallpaper that was pealing off the walls. I however, saw the magic I could make there and immediately had a visional of all the opportunity it could bring me. He told me he was going to fix it up and cover the walls and I begged him not too. He probably thought I was a little crazy but it was less work for him so he let it go. From that moment on I let my creativity fly. It was my own little make-shift studio space and I couldn’t be happier with what it has done for me. It has brought me the doll series that I could of never dreamed of doing without that attic but it also caused a wonderful chain reaction. Each idea was an inspiration for the next. I’ve shot in the basement and other areas of the house but the attic was the source of it all.

So now that is it’s moving time, and I’m slowing moving out of my house, I started taking all my props, wardrobe, and randomness out of the attic. For 3 years it has been nothing but chaos up there, but now its bare. It’s weird to see it empty, it used to be so full inspiration. And now it’s back to how it was when I first moved in. I love the smell, like a grandma’s attic. I look around at the walls and I feel at home in my crummy little attic. I feel so blessed that I was able to create all that I did in this place. It’s shaped me into the artist I am today, I was able to grow, explore, try new things and really push the limits of my creativity. It was an inspirational boost. And with that I have seen my work transform over the years. There is a quality that is slowly being formed. I’ve also grown into a style that is my own. I will take what I’ve learn from this house with me and keep building. Farewell 1927 Woodward Ave, you have been a creative dream.

Thanks for the memories! ♥

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4 thoughts on “Farewell to an old friend..

  1. Stumbled onto your blog today and was so happy to see you still rock and you are doing what you love. I love the photo’s from the attic.. made me think about some of the places my friends and I would play in when we were growing up and how everyone else didn’t “get it”.. probably like your landlord 🙂 Anyways, thanks for the interruption and distraction from work!

    1. Thanks Eric! It’s always good to know that my blogs are interesting to read and a good distraction from the real world. What’s great is that you can relate to them too. It good to know it’s not me just babbling on about nonsense. Hope all is well with you. Thanks for following me! 🙂

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