I rather decorate a palm tree

So I’ve been a bad little blogger and I haven’t posted anything since I moved. *shame* I feel like my last post was very personal and I wasn’t sure what should follow it.  Alas, several months have gone by and I want to make sure I get another post in before the new year.

It’s December 1st and I can’t believe it. These past few months just flew by. While everyone is getting ready for christmas and winter I’m dreading it. I am grateful that we had beautiful fall weather and several 60 degree days in November. I just hate to see it end, I don’t want to deal with the cold weather.  So, instead of shooting something that is season appropriate, I went the opposite direction with yesterday’s shoot. I love the bohemian/hippie style that is in right now, if you couldn’t tell already from some of my other work.  So I decided to roll with that idea and have a seductive take on the current trend. With the collaboration of myself and Miss Brittany  I think we made some great images. I much rather be dreaming of a tropical paradise then the hustle and bustle of christmas shoppers and the fake holiday joy being shoved down your throat. Nope, I want to be at peace at the beach… Mmmm..

Which I guess is appropriate..peace and love my groovy friends, ha.☮ ♥


Check out the photos with Brittany. It helps me forget about winter.

Model: Brittany

Make up and hair: Beauty by Brittany

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