Sexy Señorita

Well here is a blog post that is well over due. I’ve been super busy the last few months, so there are lots of exciting things I can share with you. New work from concepts I’ve been dying to do, gallery shows themes, and new artists/inspirations. Here is just a taste of what I’ve been working on with my portfolio.

I just recently finish editing this series called Tiene calorIt means too feel hot in Spanish. I was inspired by all the bold colors and Brazil merchandise I was seeing all over. I have a tendency to have a lot of patterns in my work so I wanted to work with a few bold, solid colors on the model and have the scenery help build a character. I love soaking in the the summer sun and feeling the heat on my skin. I wanted to convey a sultry look without it being slutty. Pulling a few accents and details into the shots helped me forget I was in Pittsburgh for a moment.

Make-up by talented Shana Lohr                                                                      Model: the fabulous Caitlin Noel



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