Spring Fashion Week 2013

What a busy couple of months it has been. And when it’s photo busy, I’m a happy girl 🙂

I finally was in NYC during spring fashion week which is held in February, and oh boy, did I get to experience it . I would like to remember this trip as” flying by the seat of my pants weekend! ” To start off  this adventure was the weather change. It was nice, in Pittsburgh, the few days leading up fashion week but Friday February 6th, the day I had to photograph there was snow snow snow. The weather channel even named the storm ” Nemo” which I find very comical. Honestly, I don’t think the snow was that bad but some of the New Yorkers were freaking out. Where I was at didn’t get hit as hard as other parts of the NY, it was just inconvenient, that’s all.

What I was photographing was a contest winner from PlaceWise Media. The grand prize was to be flown into NYC for the weekend and spend the day with Nick Verreos, fashion designer and former Project Runway contestant. It was such a great experience for the contest winner and I’m so glad to be a part of it. Nick was a delight to be around and I could tell he really loves what he does and wanted to give the contest winner the best experience possible, which I think is amazing. Along with the contest agenda I got to work closely with friend/model Caitlin, fashion blogger for Shoptopia who was writing all the articles for the event. She was with me  as I capture all the wonderful outfits spotted inside the Lincoln Center. ( And of course get into some shows ;))

I was wet, cold and sick for a solid week once I got home, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. Once again I got to work with an AMAZING group of people. I’m so bless have so many people in the field who are caring down to earth individuals. Below is a mini slide show of some of the images from the 2 shows and a viewing I went too.

Beautiful work by:

Jill Stuart, Son Jung Wan, and Tocca

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Check out Caitlin’s article and some of my images ! shoptopia.com


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