Ahhhhh… I love sound effect.. so much fun and expressive.

I’ve been a part of a monthly gallery show, well every other month, for almost a year now. The shows are always a ton of fun. I really enjoy talking with other photographers and seeing their work framed and displayed at it’s finest. The open shows, where an artist can submit any concept, are nice to see. The artists involved usually hang work that they are most passionate about, so it nice to see the variety and what speaks to each individual and gets their creative wheels turning. However, my favorite kind of shows are ones that are themed. A concept is given, and we as artists are challenged to take our own ideas and run with them.

The June show focused on “comic”. There was a lot of epic super hero images, but I wanted to shoot something more comical ( play on words). My inspiration came from the old Liechtenstein comics where the girls are so dramatic. Crying over boys and always on the phone. I wanted to poke fun of the idea by make very color dramatic images with a little fashion twist. Brittany was the perfect model to use. She is stunning and makes modeling look effortless. Check them out !

Make-up done once again by the amazing Shana Lohr!



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