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I just wanted to spread the exciting news that one of my images I created for Sandra Cadavid is in an ad in Vogue Latinoamerica! I’m so excited for her as well as having the opportunity of being published in such an incredible magazine. I’m so blest to be apart of such a wonderful company, I can’t wait to see how much Sandra Cadavid grows in the next several years. If you haven’t check her out all ready here is her website:


her kick starter

Stay tuned for some of my fall fashion week photos!

South American Vogue

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Ahhhhh… I love sound effect.. so much fun and expressive.

I’ve been a part of a monthly gallery show, well every other month, for almost a year now. The shows are always a ton of fun. I really enjoy talking with other photographers and seeing their work framed and displayed at it’s finest. The open shows, where an artist can submit any concept, are nice to see. The artists involved usually hang work that they are most passionate about, so it nice to see the variety and what speaks to each individual and gets their creative wheels turning. However, my favorite kind of shows are ones that are themed. A concept is given, and we as artists are challenged to take our own ideas and run with them.

The June show focused on “comic”. There was a lot of epic super hero images, but I wanted to shoot something more comical ( play on words). My inspiration came from the old Liechtenstein comics where the girls are so dramatic. Crying over boys and always on the phone. I wanted to poke fun of the idea by make very color dramatic images with a little fashion twist. Brittany was the perfect model to use. She is stunning and makes modeling look effortless. Check them out !

Make-up done once again by the amazing Shana Lohr!


Spring Fashion Week 2013

What a busy couple of months it has been. And when it’s photo busy, I’m a happy girl 🙂

I finally was in NYC during spring fashion week which is held in February, and oh boy, did I get to experience it . I would like to remember this trip as” flying by the seat of my pants weekend! ” To start off  this adventure was the weather change. It was nice, in Pittsburgh, the few days leading up fashion week but Friday February 6th, the day I had to photograph there was snow snow snow. The weather channel even named the storm ” Nemo” which I find very comical. Honestly, I don’t think the snow was that bad but some of the New Yorkers were freaking out. Where I was at didn’t get hit as hard as other parts of the NY, it was just inconvenient, that’s all.

What I was photographing was a contest winner from PlaceWise Media. The grand prize was to be flown into NYC for the weekend and spend the day with Nick Verreos, fashion designer and former Project Runway contestant. It was such a great experience for the contest winner and I’m so glad to be a part of it. Nick was a delight to be around and I could tell he really loves what he does and wanted to give the contest winner the best experience possible, which I think is amazing. Along with the contest agenda I got to work closely with friend/model Caitlin, fashion blogger for Shoptopia who was writing all the articles for the event. She was with me  as I capture all the wonderful outfits spotted inside the Lincoln Center. ( And of course get into some shows ;))

I was wet, cold and sick for a solid week once I got home, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. Once again I got to work with an AMAZING group of people. I’m so bless have so many people in the field who are caring down to earth individuals. Below is a mini slide show of some of the images from the 2 shows and a viewing I went too.

Beautiful work by:

Jill Stuart, Son Jung Wan, and Tocca

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Check out Caitlin’s article and some of my images ! shoptopia.com


As of most of you know I love working on location, creating scenes and characters in my images. So it’s great when I can step a little outside of my fashion fantasy world and show something real. For the Pittsburgh Magazine’s February issue I photographed couples’ wedding proposals. All of these engagements had already happened, but  I was able to help tell each couples’ story by staging a scene similar to their proposal. Granted the one couple got engagement in a restaurant in Paris, but I think art director, Chuck Beard, and myself did a good job with our Pittsburgh locations. No complains if I would have had to fly there to France 😉

Here’s the spread:

Pittsburgh Magazine feb2013 issue

Yah for 2012!

What an amazing year! And what is turning into an amazing fall of 2012. I’m so grateful for all the freelance I have gotten this year, but two jobs in particular have me really thankful that I was given the opportunity to experience them.

The first, was through this amazing and super talent client, Sandra Reiman and her new company, sandracadavid. Sandra is the founder and owner of sandracadavid, which is a company that sells luxury designer handbags. She designs the bags and has them made with finest materials from Columbia. All of the bags are handcrafted and custom dyed leather. The color are so rich and beautiful, I love all the details she has put into each bag. I got the pleasure of shooting her whole line for the company. Any images you see of hers is shot by yours truly 😉 It was great to see it all come together and she her business flourish in such a short period of time. Below is a link to her website and a segments where she is featured on the KDKA! So weird to see my images on TV! One  of her bags was also featured on the Today Show. Congratulations Sandra!

sandracadavid.com,  KDKA and Today Show

Secondly, I got to photograph a fashion spread with Andrew McCutchen from the Pittsburgh Pirates. He was great to work with so nice and down to earth, as well as everyone involved with the photo shoot. I couldn’t have had a better team. Those images will be featured in the December issue of Pittsburgh Magazine. So keep a look out, I’ll post again once the magazine is published.

There might be another surprise coming soon, stay tuned!

Sexy Señorita

Well here is a blog post that is well over due. I’ve been super busy the last few months, so there are lots of exciting things I can share with you. New work from concepts I’ve been dying to do, gallery shows themes, and new artists/inspirations. Here is just a taste of what I’ve been working on with my portfolio.

I just recently finish editing this series called Tiene calorIt means too feel hot in Spanish. I was inspired by all the bold colors and Brazil merchandise I was seeing all over. I have a tendency to have a lot of patterns in my work so I wanted to work with a few bold, solid colors on the model and have the scenery help build a character. I love soaking in the the summer sun and feeling the heat on my skin. I wanted to convey a sultry look without it being slutty. Pulling a few accents and details into the shots helped me forget I was in Pittsburgh for a moment.

Make-up by talented Shana Lohr                                                                      Model: the fabulous Caitlin Noel


Leap Year!

So as promised, I wanted to post new work before the end of the month and thanks to the leap year I had an extra day to do so, yah! The new year means new work and new life. Here is a beautiful mother to be, Amanda. Congratulations! Hope you’re little guy comes soon.

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Good Golly Miss Molly ♥

Goodbyes are rough…

I know this isn’t photo related, but I feel I always talk about things that are important to me or that have made a big impact on my life. I put a lot of my personal thoughts in my blogs for all to see, almost like a live diary. Though I never kept a diary or journal as a kid, I want to post about someone that was and still is very special to me. I’m doing this particular blog to help with the grieving process rather than information to be read, however I don’t mind opening up and sharing part of my life with you.

This passed Monday, January 23, 2012, I said goodbye to a very old and lovable friend, Molly. She was my childhood dog, but so much more than just a pet to me, she was a family member, a friend. If you are an animal lover you can sympathize with the pain that one goes through when you lose a pet. It’s the same as losing a family member, but in my opinion maybe a little worse. You see, the life span is much shorter so you get to see them grow up and go through all the stages of life. You’re their care taker and they couldn’t be more grateful for all the things you do for them by giving constant love and affection. Always a happy greeting at the door no matter how long it’s been. They always have eyes for you and want nothing more than to just be with you. Their your child, completely helpless without you. So when that time comes to say goodbye, its hard to let go of something that loved you more than life itself. The memories are all we have to hold onto and remember that they taught us unconditional love.

Now that the initial pain is calming down, and the sobbing has become just tears I can breathe easy and look for the positive. Everything amazing has happened in June, whether it be as great as a graduation, the birth of a love one since passed, or a small as getting my braces off. A lot of my exciting life moments have happened in June. I didn’t come to this realization until I was looking through Molly’s puppy album and had found a cute story I wrote in 5th grade about the exciting new member to our family, my dear sweet Molly. This all took place June 16, 1997. I was unaware of the exact date we picked her up from the breeder until yesterday (thank you mother for scrap-booking everything). However, as a 10 year old, this was the biggest and most exciting life change one could ask for, my dream dog was finally mine. I had wanted a Dalmatian since I was 3 and had to wait until my brother and I were old enough, as well as settled in our new home in Pennsylvania. So as impatient as I can be, plus waitng 7 years as a young child, it felt like an eternity. Once I had her it was like I had her my whole life. I grew up with her, no matter what major life changes I was going through, she was my constant for 14+ years. Some people don’t even have friendships that long. I’m super grateful that she lived as long as she did. Molly was well known and spread her joy everywhere, in her younger years she used to “escape” out of our house which had the whole neighborhood running around after her with leases, it was a game to her, and little did I know a bonding experience for me. Having her as a pet has taught me so much that I didn’t even realize.

So here is my next big life change, but where is my constant? What will I do? As much as I get frustrated about photo jobs, portfolio work, or anything life throws at me, I need to learn from my younger self.. that in time I will get what I’m dreaming for I just have to be patient. 2012 is a start of a new beginning, unfortunately in order to start a new chapter I need to turn the page on others. Molly has been a symbol of my childhood and even though I’m 25 years old I still always feel like a kid. I guess the true test is ahead, saying goodbye and moving forward is so hard, but I know my love ones passed will help see me through.

So once again, Goodbye Molly, you were the best dog I could ever ask for. There will always be a spot in my heart for you, my sweet spotted couch potato. Love you so much, thanks for making my childhood the best it could be. Rest in peace old girl ♥

April 19, 1997 – January 23, 2012

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