Night Owl

It is literally impossible for me to go to bed before 2 am now a days. It’s not that I have to be up, it’s just my mind is constantly running through projects, ideas, and life check lists, that it’s impossible to sleep. It’s much different from the creative ideas I get while sleeping, that have me doodling in my notebook in the middle of the night. Those amazing/inconvenient moments (which I’ve stated in an earlier blog) are almost a relief because I am able to get the idea down on paper for documentation. Though, I might not get to the concept for months, I at least have put my busy mind to rest. In the situations like tonight there is too much data to process and I’m in checklist over load… I have so much ambition to get these projects on there way that, like others, I sometimes set goals that are unattainable and get anxious and discouraged. I think, however, I understand where my craziness is coming from right now.

Aside from it being the start of a new year, with everyone making their resolutions that more than likely will last until the 3rd week in January, I think the fact that I have been spending a lot of time with such inspiring and driven people, it has really pushed me in gear. I’ve surrounded myself with such great people that they have stimulated so much positive energy  I can’t focus on just one task. Though, it is driving me bonkers, I think it might be a huge help in the end. I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m so grateful for those in my life and for them causing my insomnia, because with out that I wouldn’t be running after these goals full speed. Thanks guys! Much love ♥

It’s been a great start to 2012 and only more great things to come, can’t wait ’til I have new photos to post! Stay tuned!


I rather decorate a palm tree

So I’ve been a bad little blogger and I haven’t posted anything since I moved. *shame* I feel like my last post was very personal and I wasn’t sure what should follow it.  Alas, several months have gone by and I want to make sure I get another post in before the new year.

It’s December 1st and I can’t believe it. These past few months just flew by. While everyone is getting ready for christmas and winter I’m dreading it. I am grateful that we had beautiful fall weather and several 60 degree days in November. I just hate to see it end, I don’t want to deal with the cold weather.  So, instead of shooting something that is season appropriate, I went the opposite direction with yesterday’s shoot. I love the bohemian/hippie style that is in right now, if you couldn’t tell already from some of my other work.  So I decided to roll with that idea and have a seductive take on the current trend. With the collaboration of myself and Miss Brittany  I think we made some great images. I much rather be dreaming of a tropical paradise then the hustle and bustle of christmas shoppers and the fake holiday joy being shoved down your throat. Nope, I want to be at peace at the beach… Mmmm..

Which I guess is appropriate..peace and love my groovy friends, ha.☮ ♥


Check out the photos with Brittany. It helps me forget about winter.

Model: Brittany

Make up and hair: Beauty by Brittany

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Farewell to an old friend..

Ahh, yes it’s 1 am and I’m starting a blog post, very typical of me. I’m in the process of moving again, dealing with the packing, unpacking, heavy lifting, cleaning out, and having to go through piles of things you move from place to place and never use. As well as, having my belongings split between 2 places for a few weeks. The process is annoying and I’ve moved every year since I started school in 2005. So, places I’ve stayed I never had to much of an attachment too. However, this place 1927 Woodward Ave, is pulling on my heart strings. It might be because I’ve been here for 3 years, or the quaint homie atmosphere that has been created by how my landlord had fixed up and painted the rooms. But, I don’t think all though things even come close to how this place has made me grow as an artist. Believe it or not about a third or more of my portfolio have been shot in this very location.

When I was first looking at the place I did like the welcoming interior, the neighborhood, and easy access to downtown, but what really sold me was the attic. To my landlord it was just a crummy weathered attic with the ceiling falling in on one side and ugly flower wallpaper that was pealing off the walls. I however, saw the magic I could make there and immediately had a visional of all the opportunity it could bring me. He told me he was going to fix it up and cover the walls and I begged him not too. He probably thought I was a little crazy but it was less work for him so he let it go. From that moment on I let my creativity fly. It was my own little make-shift studio space and I couldn’t be happier with what it has done for me. It has brought me the doll series that I could of never dreamed of doing without that attic but it also caused a wonderful chain reaction. Each idea was an inspiration for the next. I’ve shot in the basement and other areas of the house but the attic was the source of it all.

So now that is it’s moving time, and I’m slowing moving out of my house, I started taking all my props, wardrobe, and randomness out of the attic. For 3 years it has been nothing but chaos up there, but now its bare. It’s weird to see it empty, it used to be so full inspiration. And now it’s back to how it was when I first moved in. I love the smell, like a grandma’s attic. I look around at the walls and I feel at home in my crummy little attic. I feel so blessed that I was able to create all that I did in this place. It’s shaped me into the artist I am today, I was able to grow, explore, try new things and really push the limits of my creativity. It was an inspirational boost. And with that I have seen my work transform over the years. There is a quality that is slowly being formed. I’ve also grown into a style that is my own. I will take what I’ve learn from this house with me and keep building. Farewell 1927 Woodward Ave, you have been a creative dream.

Thanks for the memories! ♥

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Out from behind the lens

So I finally decided it was time for me to shoot a self portrait. I feel it has taken me a while to actually make myself shoot them, because I’m not fond of doing my own self portraits for the obvious reason, I like to be behind the camera not in front. I also wanted my self portrait to reflex my work. So it took me a while to figure out a concept that I wanted to portray me as a photographer. The images needed to have the same character and personality that I give to my portfolio, no problem right. Oh wait, I need to be in them..ekk!  Well, late this spring I decided it was a better time than never to go out and try to get something while the trees still had their beautiful blooms on the branches. After an afternoon of shooting I think I got a few good shots that I am pleased with. Big thanks to Daniel Baca for helping me capture some nice images, as well for dealing with me not wanting to be in this shots, ha. This shoot wouldn’t have happened without him. Thank you Danny!

Check out his website:                                                                  He is a pretty awesome “button pusher” as well 😉


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Spring is finally here and I’m so happy to see flowers on the trees  and luscious green grass on the ground instead of snow. I like to take advantage of the beauties that nature gives us like the fall leaves or the spring blossoms. I love using natural light and shooting concepts outside. I’m so thankful that the weather is finally starting to calm down (for the most part) and  the outdoor location shooting can begin. I enjoy studio work but I feel working on location gives me more freedom in being creative, as well as the stylist and models. I recently shot with a new model from the area who I think resembles a younger Kate Moss or Abbey Lee. I couldn’t be happier on how these photos came out. Check out our magic ;)!

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Make-up done by the talented Shana Lohr

Model: Alena

More photos on the website:

The winter standstill

So, as far as my blog is concerned it’s a bad start for the new year. It’s February and this is my first blog post of 2011. I need to make sure I don’t leave such a large gap between postings.I try not to but the time slipped away from me. I feel a little lazy recently and I blame winter. Ohhh winter how I hate you in more ways than one. You’re cold, people become fat and lazy (like hibernating bears), you’re cold, I hate shoveling snow, you’re sooo cold, I constantly have a chill and did I mention that you’re bitterly cold?! I LOATHE you winter! With all seriousness winter does put me in a depressed state, which I know I’m not alone in. I have always been less productive in the winter, it seems to suck my creativity out of me, and leaves me less hopeful.  And unfortunately my photography  seem to suffer during these very depressing cold winter months. I have to admit it wasn’t as bad when I was in school. Between the work load and the fast pace of an 11 week period I didn’t have as much time to dwell on winter like I am now. I teacher of mine had show us a video by Zack Arias, conveniently right in the middle of winter, that hits all the main points I making now.

This video sums up my mood:

“Winter always comes…” Gosh, I wish it didn’t. If you are in the creative field and Haven’t seen this video please watch it. I need to watch it time after time to know I’m not alone with this hatred of winter. Hopefully it helps lift your spirits a little. However, I can’t wait until Spring.

With lighter notes news I have done two shoots this year. One with Lucy and Caitlin (which I realized has been on my blog 3 times now 🙂 ). Here are some of images I did with these two talented young ladies.


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Cheers to November 2010

So I realized that I did not post anything last month, and I think I should definitely pay it a tribute. I’m very thankful for this past November. I have wonderful friends and family that give me support and make my life fun. I turned 24 last month, I know that isn’t very old but I feel I still enjoy the simple things as a young child would. Such a playing in the mud in the middle of November 😛 Nothing is better than letting your inner child run wild. (Which is exactly what I did a few weeks ago)

With all seriousness, November was definitely the start of something really exciting for me personality. Today I started my freelance job with American Eagle Outfitters. I feel like it is the next step forward that I have been waiting for in my career. When I received my ID today I felt I could finally express my excitement to everyone, because this little piece of plastic meant everything was finalized. It’s the simple things.

With that said, I’m really excited to start December on a high note and a great end to a good year. Hopefully 2011 will bring more simple things 🙂



Ahh so it’s the end of the month and I haven’t posted anything yet. Looks like a better get on that tonight.

I’ve been on Stumble Upon all night looking at other artists, fashion, and …puppies. I’m a sucker for puppy videos. They make my heart melt because they are just so darn cute. I could do this for hours, and looking at the time looks like I have. Yeah, aside from being a great time waster, stumble sometimes gives me a little artistic inspiration: creative truth . If you haven’t used stumble you should, it’s fun and is how I’ve come across interesting artists and ideas, but the critter videos and silly nonsense is tempting don’t let it eat up all your time.

I was in NYC this past weekend and came across a gallery with work of Ron English. It was his own personal gallery called Status Factory, located in Soho. I had never heard of him before, but he is definitely memorable. There was humor to his work but in a creepy way, and I couldn’t stop starring at some of the pieces. He had used several different medias; paintings and distorted figures of known characters such as Charlie Brown or Micky Mouse and put them into scenes. He seems to get a lot of inspiration directly from Andy Warhol, which I found interesting being from Pittsburgh myself. I figured I would share some information about him since I found him interesting. So if you haven’t heard of him or seen his work I think you should check him out, it is definitely unusual. Here are just a few of his creations:

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Couldn’t help myself here are some cute puppies:

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

I was out driving this weekend and noticed the hills sides are starting to show pops of color and leaves are already starting to cover and blowing across the roads. As much as I hate to say goodbye to summer, I love fall.  I’d have to say fall is my favorite season. I think it is so peaceful with the beautiful scenery, crisp air, perfect running weather, and if you blink it will be here and gone before you know it. I wish it lasted longer because I despise winter. So I going to try and enjoy it as much as I can.

I feel I get inspired most during autumn. I’m not sure why. It might be my love for season that puts me in a good mood or it might be the fall fashions. I love going shopping this time of year because I want EVERYTHING. The boots, sweaters, scarves… and all the colors, chocolate brown, mustard, navy blue, burnt orange and cranberry… Mmm… I want them all. I aside from the weather and me drooling on the clothes the fashion world is at it’s best this time of year too. Fashion week was not too long ago in NYC so all the trends are out and of course inspiration is exploding everywhere I look.  My creative juices are flowin’, and I’m ready to start pumping out those fall inspired images.

So go out and take a walk on a trail watch the leaves fall, shuffle them with your feet, breathe in the crisp autumn air, and let your creativity run wild. Enjoy the nice weather before it’s gone.

Get inspired! 🙂

Model: Samantha

Make- up by: Shana Lohr