Out from behind the lens

So I finally decided it was time for me to shoot a self portrait. I feel it has taken me a while to actually make myself shoot them, because I’m not fond of doing my own self portraits for the obvious reason, I like to be behind the camera not in front. I also wanted my self portrait to reflex my work. So it took me a while to figure out a concept that I wanted to portray me as a photographer. The images needed to have the same character and personality that I give to my portfolio, no problem right. Oh wait, I need to be in them..ekk!  Well, late this spring I decided it was a better time than never to go out and try to get something while the trees still had their beautiful blooms on the branches. After an afternoon of shooting I think I got a few good shots that I am pleased with. Big thanks to Daniel Baca for helping me capture some nice images, as well for dealing with me not wanting to be in this shots, ha. This shoot wouldn’t have happened without him. Thank you Danny!

Check out his website: bacaphoto.com                                                                  He is a pretty awesome “button pusher” as well 😉


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